Thank you for your interest in The One Room School House. We are a public charter school. There is no tuition or cost to attend our school. In order to apply you need to come to the school, take a tour, make sure that you understand and desire to be in our program and pick up an application. Applications are not available on line.

Because we must determine your student’s grade placement, you should provide as much documentation of your student’s reading and mathematics levels as possible. If no information is available, the school will attempt to determine these levels with some computer based analysis.

The application is in effect until January 1st of the school year in which you wish to enroll. A new application must be submitted each year thereafter. If your contact information changes, you are responsible for contacting the school and reporting the change. If the school is unable to contact you by telephone because your number no longer works, your application will become inactive and eventually discarded.

If there are more applications then there are spaces available in a class (which is usually the case), Florida Law requires that the school have a lottery drawing to place the application in rank order if an opening occurs.

The Board of Directors will determine enrollment periods for each school year. If an opening occurs during an enrollment period, the person 1st in line on the lottery list for that grade level will be contacted and offered the spot at the school. If that person declines or does not respond immediately, their application will become inactive and eventually discarded. Then, the school will contact the next applicant on the lottery list, and so on until the vacancy is filled.

If you are interested in enrolling your child at the One Room School House, please contact Mrs. Mosley at and arrange to come by the school for a tour and to pick up an application packet.

Things to note:

  • We do not operate our school on the same calendar as other Alachua county public schools. Our school year starts in mid-July and ends in early May. Our academic calendar is posted on our website.
  • We expect all our students to do all their work. After 1st grade, failure to finish all work results in a grade of F for that subject. Opportunities to finish work are readily available.
  • Disrespect of others, disobedience, failure to follow rules and regulations, and certainly any form of bullying will result in suspension or dismissal from school. We let parents handle discipline at home.
  • For the safety of our students, One Room has a “no backpack” policy. Students may carry zippered binders.
  • Attendance is critical to your child’s success in school. Excessive, unexcused absences, lateness and early pickups will result missed work and lower grades, and will exclude your child from being able to participate in extracurricular activities such as after school, sports and clubs.

Please refer to our Registration Agreement for information about policies at the One Room School. Parents will be asked to sign a version of this form as part of the application process.