1- Pack of Jumbo Crayons
1- Safety Scissors
1- Pack of Washable Markers
1- Pack Multi Colored Construction Paper
1- Bottle Hand Sanitizer
1- Pack of Beginner Pencils
1- Pack Glue Sticks
1- Pack of Disinfecting Wipes
1- Pack of Baby Wipes
1- Roll of Paper Towels
1- Pack of Dry Erase Markers
1- Can of Disinfecting Spray
1- Water Bottle
1- Reusable Tote Bag to Carry Belongings (NO BACKPACKS)
1- Light Blanket if Your Child is Staying For Nap
1- 2-Inch Thick Sleeping Mat if Your Child is Staying for Nap
OPTIONAL: Playdough

1- Reusable bag to carry their belongings
1- Composition notebook (any color)
2- 12 Pack Crayola thick washable markers
1- 24 Pack of Crayola colored crayons
1- Plastic pencil box (small size)
1- Oversized beginner pencils
1- Pack of white cardstock paper
1- Pack of dry erase markers
1- Crayola watercolor paint set
6- Containers of Play-Doh (any color)
12- Glue sticks
1- Small bottle liquid glue
1- Boxes of Ziploc bags (sandwich size)
1- Boxes of Ziploc bags (gallon size)
2- Boxes of Kleenex tissues
3- Wet wipes
1- Bottle of Hand sanitizer
2- Bottles of Lysol spray
1- Bottle of Clorox bleach cleaner spray
1- 3pack Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
1- Pack of multicolored construction paper
1- Pack of white paper plates (big or small)
1- 2-inch red binder
1- Water Bottle labeled with your child’s name
1- Change of clothes for your child’s cubby (please label all clothes)
1- Box of a variety of Band- Aids
1- Light blanket if your child is staying for nap
1- 2-inch thick sleeping mat if your child is staying for nap

1- reusable tote bag to carry belongings (NO BACKPACKS)
1- box of 24 crayola crayons
12- elmers glue sticks
1- box tissues
1- box 1 gallon ziplock with zipper
3- rolls of paper towel
1- crayon box
2- packs of #2 ticonderoga pencils
1- pack cardstock multi colored
2- primary journal composition book (mead brand)
1- pack of bar erasers
1- pack of white copy paper
1- pack of index cards
1- bottle of hand sanitizer
1- pack of crayola markers
1 mini whiteboard (can be found at the dollar store)
1 pack of Band-Aids
1- water bottle
3- Clorox wipes or other form of disinfecting wipe
1- 3 ring binder 2 inches
1- pack expo thick dry erase markers
1- extra change of clothes in a ziplock to keep at school
1- pack of wet wipes

1st Grade:
1- Expo Brand Dry Erase Markers – black
1- Expo Brand Dry Erase Markers – multi-colored
1-2- Packs Crayola Markers
2- Packs Crayons
1- Pack Colored Pencils
1- Pencil box
2- Folders with pockets (No print)
1- pack #2 Pencils (10 pack)
1- Pack Colored Construction Paper
2- Containers Wipes (Lysol/Clorox,off brands)
2- Boxes Tissues
1- Pack Paper towels
1- pair scissors
1- Pack Highlighters
2- Packs Sticky notes
2- Packs Index cards
1- Pack Elmer’s Glue Sticks (8pack) AND liquid glue (1 bottle)
1- Water Bottle (for individual use)
1- Hand Sanitizer (Large bottle for class use)
1- Box Ziplock Gallon Size Bags
1- Box Ziplock Quart Size Bags
1- ‘Mead’ Grades K-1 Primary Composition Journal with picture story space (Found at Walmart, office Max, Amazon)
1- wide ruled primary paper writing tablet
1- Zip Up Binder (NO BACKPACKS)
OPTIONAL: Always feel free to donate extra items or non-perishable snacks (snack rotation will start second week of school) Extra items will go on our “supply” cart and be dispersed as needed.

2nd Grade:
1- Composition Notebook
1- Ruler includes both Inch/Cm
1- Scissors
1- Pack of #2 Pencils
1- Pencil Sharper
1- Pack of Erasers
1- Pencil Box
1- Box of Crayons
1- Pack of Markers
1- Box of Colored Pencils
1- Water Bottle
3- Pocket Folders
1- Box of Tissues
1- Roll of Paper Towels
1- Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
1- Clorox Wipes
1- Box of Gallon Ziplock Bags
1- Box of Sandwich Ziplock Bag
1- Bag of Clean Clothes with name on bag
1- Zip Up Binder (NO BACKPACKS)

3rd Grade:
1- Zip Up Binder (NO BACKPACKS)
1- water bottle
2- composition notebook
2- pack Dry erase markers
1- pack Crayons, colored pencils or markers
3- glue sticks
1- pair scissors
1- pack index cards
2- Two pocket folders that will fit in 3 ring binder
2- boxes #2 Pencils
1- pack Clorox wipes
2- box Tissues
2- bottle Hand sanitizer
1- pack Paper towels
1- 1 inch 3 ring hard cover binder
2- packs lined paper
1- pack of dividers
1- pack highlighters

4th Grade:
1- 1 or 2 inch 3-ring binder with 4 dividers (preferably with pockets)
1- Soft pencil pouch for binder
1- pack of notebook paper (lined)
1- pack Colored pencils/crayons (24 pack)
2- Highlighters
2- Composition books
1- pair Scissors
1- Canister of disinfecting wipes
1- bottle Hand Sanitizer
1- box Kleenex
1- pack Glue sticks
1- box Pencils (30)
1- box Bandaids
1- Zip up binder (NO BACKPACKS)
1- Water Bottle

5th Grade:
1- Zip up binder (NO BACKPACKS)
1- Water Bottle
2- packs of pencils (12 pencils each)
1- pack Erasers to put on top of pencils
8- composition books
3- packs of crayons (12 count per package)
3- packs of glue sticks
1- Scissors (safety)
4- notebooks
3- bottles liquid glues
4- boxes of tissues
4- packs of Clorox wipes
1- Personal pencil box and pouch (for bringing home supplies)
1- Pack of dry erase markers
1- Bag of candy (no nuts) to pass out for grades and behavior
1- water bottle (please put child’s name on the bottle with permanent marker)
1- Hand sanitizer
1- pack Colored pencils
2- packs of dividers
1- Notebook filler paper
4- folders (with holes and pockets) that can go in their binder for each subject
1- plastic storage box with lid any color (dollar tree has them)
o Specifications for the Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids 13.75x8x4-in. (size can be bigger, will be used for school materials
2- rolls paper towel