Starting in 2018, we will no longer be serving 7th and 8th grades.

For students in grades K-6, please contact the school to apply.

Welcome to the One Room Middle School, Alachua County’s newest and most up-to-date public charter school. One Room Middle School is carrying on the tradition of excellence that has been established over the past fourteen years by The One Room School House, Alachua County’s oldest and most successful charter school.

Since 1997, The One Room School House Project has operated a charter elementary school in Gainesville. We have learned a lot about how to succeed at schooling in this time. We felt the time was right to expand our educational services into middle school. The Alachua County School Board agreed by voting unanimously to sponsor our new middle school.

If we have learned anything in the past fourteen years, it is that size matters. Classes are limited to twenty students each with no more than two classes at each grade level. A small school with small classes promotes individual academic and social growth, participation in class activities, a safe learning environment, and it allows teachers to really know and understand students and their families.

The emphasis at One Room Middle School is always on academic excellence, preparation for college, and building personal skills and attitudes that prepare students for successful employment in a high-tech economy. At the same time, the middle school years must address a student’s personal growth. Our school fosters a responsible social atmosphere through a hands-on, interactive curriculum, participation in the arts and sports, and through services activities.

At One Room Middle School, students use state of the art educational technology. Smart boards and personal notebook computers have replaced chalk boards and textbooks in the classroom. Computer literacy is taught as an integral part of every class. World class curriculum content is accessed via the internet, insuring that students are exposed to the most current and exciting learning activities.

At our school, students participate in a health oriented physical education class with no more than twenty students each day. Students do their work on personal notebook computers. Students participate in art and technology classes daily. Our science lab and equipment is second to none and our science classes are based on experiential learning. The school has a modern, well stocked library and an accelerated Reader program that leads to an extremely high rate of literacy.

Our teachers and staff will keep in close touch with parents on a continuing basis. We are never too busy to speak with parents. We do not wait for education to happen, we make it happen. Each Spring, as soon as the FCAT testing is finished, students graduate to the next grade level, giving them an entire year to absorb the curriculum and prepare for exams. This pacing innovation has the added benefit of making the academic year more relaxed, preventing teacher and student burnout.

If your student would benefit from a small middle school that promotes a safe, family oriented environment, academic excellence, and a technologically advanced education, then we encourage you to contact One Room Middle School.