We can’t wait to see you all again and wanted to give everyone a few reminders about our policies at ORSH & ORMS.


  • Uniforms are mandatory and consist of and ORSH shirt, modest shorts, skirts(fingertip length) pants, jeans and closed toed, flat heel shoes or athletic footwear.
  • Backpacks are not allowed at our school. Students may carry a zippered binder with a shoulder strap.


  • Anytime that students are on campus, they must have their cell phones put away in their binders. If a teacher, staff member or administrator sees or hears the phone, it will be confiscated and a parent or guardian must pick it up from the Principal or After School Director at the end of the school day.
  • With a teacher or staff members’ permission, students contact a parent from the school office phone.


  • Maintain a 10 mph speed limit in all parking lots.
  • At both school buildings, park in a designated parking spot to drop off your child and/or walk your child into the building. At the little school, unless you park in the spots directly in front of the building, an adult must escort your child to the entrance of the building.
  • There is NO SMOKING anywhere on the One Room campus, including our parking lots.
  • Check carefully when you are backing out of a parking space..
  • No extremely loud music or angry voices in the parking lots.


  • The School Board will not be providing breakfast or lunch to our school 7/31/17 -8/4/17. Please send your child to school having already had breakfast and with a home lunch.
  • We are a mandated PEANUT FREE SCHOOL– No peanut products allowed on campus. They will be confiscated and thrown away for our students’ safety. Sunflower seed butter is a great alternative.
  • Doors open at 7:30 a.m. Breakfast is served until 7:50.


  • It is the responsibility of all parents of students in grades K-8 to monitor their child’s grades, behavior and communication with the school through our Schuler portal. If you are new to the school, you will receive information on how to access your Schuler account in the first week of school.


For twenty years we have made it our goal at The One Room School House to turn students into Readers. Therefore, it has always been our policy that every student from 3rd grade up will read a grade level book from our library each week. The Accelerated Reader Program has been very successful in promoting and assuring literacy for our students. It is a mandatory part of our reading curriculum. At The One Room School House, no student can pass Language Arts and be promoted without reading a book every week and passing the Accelerated Reader Test for that book. The test is VERY EASY and is only meant to show that the student has read the entire book.

Please make note of the following policies and procedures regarding the Accelerated Reader (AR) program, Special Events, After School, Saturday School and Summer School. These Policies exist primarily to ensure parental involvement.

Beginning on the week of Monday, November 27th, 2017, the following policies and procedures will go into effect:

  • By Wednesday of each week every student in 3rd through 8th grade must take a computerized test on the AR book they have chosen.
  • Students may NOT choose another AR book until they have passed the test for their current book.
  • If they do not pass the test, they will be given a Saturday School letter that offers an opportunity for their student to read the book.
  • If students do not attend Saturday School AND do not pass the AR test by the following Monday, they will be on in-school suspension until they are completely caught up in AR so they have an opportunity to read without distractions.
  • Students who are behind in Accelerated Reader are NOT eligible for any special school activities including Field Trips.
  • Students who are behind in Accelerated Reader and who attend our After School program will spend the majority of time in the After School Program in a quiet space reading their AR book.
  • Students who are behind in the Accelerated Reader Program at the end of the Grading Period will receive a grade of F in Language Arts on their report Card.
  • Students who are behind in Accelerated Reader at the end of the regular school year will be required to attend Summer School to be promoted to the next grade.
  • Students who are behind in Accelerated Reader at the end of Summer School will be Retained if they stay at the One Room School House.


  • Mosquito and sunscreen policy: With all the rain Gainesville has received recently, the mosquitos are out in full force. We recommend that you apply an insect repellant to your child before they come to school. Also, an application of sunscreen would a good idea, too.
  • Students are tardy if not in their homeroom, classroom seat by 8:00 a.m. This policy will be enforced beginning on Wednesday, 7/19/2017.
  • Different programs (After School, VPK, Elementary, Middle) within our school may have their own policies in addition to the ones listed here. It is up to the parents to keep in the loop. The best way to do that is by monitoring Schuler and our website www.orsh.net.

Thanks for your help and cooperation. We think this is going to be an amazing year at the One Room!

Please find important documents about One Room School House below:
Board rep letter ORSH 17-18

Board rep letter ORMS 17-18

Grading Policy

Facts for Parents

The One Room School House Philosophy